What is Smart Security?


There are more and more cases of IoT technology being used in the rental management sphere. IoT technology, which is evolving day by day, will change the way rental management works forever. Here is some of the latest information on IoT technology that can be used for rental property management.

IoT Changes the Future of Leasing Management

IoT stands for Internet of Things. IoT is not a traditional way of connecting computers to each other via the Internet, but a way of connecting things to each other via the Internet. The idea of using smartphones to control home appliances is becoming widespread, but there is a high possibility that everything, including automobiles, will be connected by IoT in the future.

In addition to IoT appliances, a variety of IoT devices have been developed, including smart wallets that notify you when you forget something, and glasses that wake you up with an alarm when you’re sleepy.

It is said that IoT technology will change the future of rental management. Lately, more and more property owners are moving to implement IoT infrastructure in their rental accommodation. Installing IoT technology will help their properties stand out in a crowded market, which will improve the chances of securing tenants.

Smart security is a popular kind of IoT technology and an effective security measure. It is especially effective to secure single-person households and female residents in urban areas. In 2019, there were still not many properties with IoT facilities, but the numbers could change.

Use IoT to future-proof your rental business and make your real estate investment a success.

IoT x smartphone smart security

A typical smart security service is Secual. Secual is an IoT service with a high degree of security enabled by sensors, gateways and smartphone cooperation. If you install Secual sensors on your door or window, it will notify your smartphone when it senses the vibration of intruders. Therefore, even if you are not at home, you can take appropriate measures such as contacting the police.

In addition, the sensor informs the gateway of the intrusion of the suspicious person by radio, and the gateway gives a warning alarm. This loud sound may drive the suspicious person away, fearing detection. There are also a variety of IoT devices, including a door sensor that can detect when a door has been left unfastened and a motion sensor that is effective for watching children and pets.

Latest IoT developments in rental management

IoT facilities do not only improve convenience for residents, but landlords too. Implementing Fujitsu’s IoT smart meters make it possible to visualise the electricity usage of tenants. In rental management, the management company or the real estate owner used to make an electricity contract for the tenants all at once. The advantage is that the electricity bill will be cheaper if you make a lump-sum contract.

However, there was also a disadvantage that the workload was huge. But implement smart meters, and you can expect to reduce the burden on management companies and real estate owners when preparing electricity bills.

Buffalo has developed a wide-angle webcam. By combining images with 2 lenses, a 180-degree viewing angle is achieved, and sound can be collected from a wide range, making it useful for meetings with large numbers of people.

Wide-angle webcams can be used in a wide range of applications, such as medical nursing care and watching children and pets when you go out. As the number of elderly people living alone increases, the need for wide-angle webcams will continue to grow. Wide-angle webcams may also be a selling point in the quest for tenants.

It is necessary to flexibly formulate a rental management strategy considering the age of the tenant and the surrounding environment of the property. In some cases, you might want to consider a wide-angle webcam, in others, more security.

Some IoT facilities remain works in progress due to the need to maintain a balance between the volume of communication the device requires amongst other factors. But with the spread of 5G in the future, IoT facilities have the potential to expand even further. It is therefore important to keep up to date with information and understand the future of rental management combined with IoT facilities, and always invest in advance.